CLIE Members: Organisations and their Representatives





AcronymAssociation nameRepresentative
ALAAssociation for Language AwarenessWasyl Cajkler (University of Leicester)
ALLAssociation for Language LearningKarine Harrington
BAALBritish Association for Applied LinguisticsDawn Knight (Chair of BAAL; Cardiff)
BAALBritish Association for Applied LinguisticsCatherine Wallace (UCL IoE)
BAALBritish Association for Applied LinguisticsMaria Arche (University of Greenwich)
BAALBritish Association for Applied LinguisticsUrsula Lanvers (University of York) 
BAALBritish Association for Applied LinguisticsGee Macrory (Manchester Metropolitan) Chair
BALEAPBritish Association for Lecturers in English for Academic PurposesSarah Brewer (Reading)
BCBritish CouncilVicky Gough
DfEDepartment for Educationtbc
EAEnglish AssociationIan Brinton (Dulwich College)
ISMLAIndependent Schools’ Modern Languages AssociationNick Mair (Dulwich College)
LAGB Linguistics Association of Great BritainCaroline Heycock (President of LAGB; Edinburgh)
LAGB Linguistics Association of Great BritainGraeme Trousdale (Edinburgh)
LAGB Linguistics Association of Great BritainWillem Hollmann (Lancaster ) 
LAGB Linguistics Association of Great Britaintbc
LAGB Linguistics Association of Great BritainEva Eppler (University of Roehampton) Secretary
LKALELinguistics and Knowledge About Language in EducationSally Zacharias (University of Glasgow)
NALDIC National Association for Language Development in the CurriculumTracey Costley (University of Essex)
NATENational Association for the Teaching of EnglishJonathan Morgan (Director of NATE)
NATECLANational Association for the Teaching of English and Community Languages to AdultsPamela Frame (Institute of Education)
PALAPoetry and Linguistics AssociationMarcello Giovanelli (Nottingham)
UCETUniversity Council for the Education of TeachersFederico Faloppa (Reading)
UCMLUniversity Council for Modern Languages
UKALTAUnited Kingdom Association for Language Testing and AssessmentChihiro Inoue (University of Bedfordshire)
UKLAUnited Kingdom Literacy Association Sabine Little (University of Sheffield)
Co-optedCatherine Walter (Oxford University)
Co-optedNeil Sheldon (Royal Statistical Society)
Co-opted Terry Lamb (University of Westminster)
Co-optedShirley Lawes (UCL Institute of Education)

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