Resources to support language (L1 and L2) teachers

This page offers a number of resources to support teachers and language development across the curriculum. It is divided into sections:



  • The World of Languages – a collection of teaching material for L1 English and L2 MFL at both primary (KS2) and secondary (KS3) level produced by teachers.
  • 2018: ESOL provision in the UK
  • LLAS – the Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies
  • A rich and well organised collection of teaching material by linguists at Queen Mary UL: Teach Real English!  including:
    • teaching units on non-Standard varieties, language change, language variation, etc.
    • sample texts as audio and transcribed, with linguistic commentary
    • links to academic research
    • a Linguistics Research Digest run as a blog by linguists.
  • Babel Magazine, published at the University of Huddersfield for secondary schools.
  • A free online magazine called ‘Unravelling’ about linguistics run by and for students; it started in Singapore but has an international coverage.

Teaching grammar

For Primary

For Secondary

Projects and organisations

  • A scheme developed in Hampshire for training pupils as interpreters to support isolated EAL children.
  • IRIS – a free, digital repository for materials used to collect data for research into second languages.
  • OASIS – a collection of specially written accessible summaries of key research articles on second-language teaching.
  • LCLC – the London Centre for Languages and Cultures, run by Oxford University and the Open University for London Schools.

Relevant associations


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