CLIE meetings

CLIE members meet three times a year. The first two meetings of the academic year (October and February) are held online, but the one in June is held face to face in London, as specified by email, and includes an invited speaker.

Meetings in 2022-23

Meetings in 2021-22

Meetings in 2020-21

Meetings in 2019-20

Meetings in 2018-19

Meetings in 2017-18

Meetings in 2016-17

Meetings in 2015-16

Meetings in 2014-15

Meetings in 2013-14

Meetings in 2012-13

Meetings in 2011-12

Meetings in 2010-11

Meetings in 2009-10

Meetings in 2008-9

  • Weds 20 May 2009: Minutes 92 and Members reports
  • Weds 18th February 2009: Minutes 91
    • Public talk (4.0-5.20, room 642) by Debbie Cameron: Mars and Venus in the language classroom? Language, education and male-female differences. abstract
  • Weds 12 November 2008: Minutes 90
    • Public talk by Ben Rampton: Contemporary classroom cultures: change in the communicative order at school?

Meetings in 2007/8

  • Weds 21 May 2008: Minutes 89
  • Weds 13 February 2008: Minutes 88
    • Public talk by Adrian Beard: As Simple as ABC?: Issues of Transition for English Language A Level Students going on to study English Language/ Linguistics in Higher Education. THE SIXTH FORM PERSPECTIVE. (slideshow)
  • Weds 7 November 2007: Minutes 87

Meetings in 2006/7

Meetings in 2005/6

Meetings in 2004/5

Meetings in 2003/4

Meetings in 2002/3

Meetings in 2001/02

Meetings in 2000/01

  • Wednesday, 20 June 2001: Draft Minutes 68 (excerpt)
  • OPEN SESSION: ’12 hours of Knowledge about Language on initial teacher training courses’.
  • Speakers: Dr Alison Sealey (School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at the University of Reading,
    formerly Institute of Education at the University of Warwick)
    Prof. Henrietta Dombey (School of Education, University of Brighton)
  • session summary
  • Wednesday, 21 February 2001: Draft Minutes 67
  • Thursday, 2 November 2000

For further information about CLIE meetings please contact the Secretary.


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