PGCE English courses for linguistics or English-language graduates

last changed 6 August 2008

This page is provided by the Committee for Linguistics in Education (CLIE) for graduates who:

  • would like to become secondary school teachers of English via the PGCE route, and
  • have a degree that included some linguistics and little or no literature - for short, 'linguistics graduates'.

More information for these graduates.

Why is this list needed?

Because some ITT providers (ITTPs) will only consider your application for a PGCE place if you have a degree in English (i.e. in English literature). It's a waste of an option to include one of these ITTPs in your GTTR application so you should include at least one ITTP that is known to consider applications with a degree that included linguistics.

How was this list compiled and how complete is it?

In 2006, the English team at the Secondary Strategy circulated inquiries from us to a large number of admissions tutors for PGCE English courses. All the responses we received were positive about applications from linguistics graduates, and many were enthusiastic about them; several told us that in their experience linguistics graduates have less difficulty with literature than literature graduates have with language. All the institutions listed below consider applications from linguistics graduates. We are sure the list is not complete, so please tell us if you know of other such courses.

(Lynne Cameron and Katharine Perera carried out a similar (but more systematic) postal survey of ITTPs in 1994 on behalf of CLIE. You can read their 1994 report with some small additions made in 2003. Our survey shows a considerable increase in enthusiasm for language graduates )

PGCE English courses which consider applications from linguistics graduates:

  1. Bath
  2. Bedfordshire: North Bedfordshire Training Partnership
  3. Birmingham: Newman
  4. Brighton
  5. Bristol
  6. Bristol: University of the West of England
  7. Carlisle and Lancaster: St Martin's College
  8. East Anglia
  9. Exeter
  10. Gloucestershire
  11. Leicester
  12. Lincoln: Bishop Grossesteste University College
  13. London: Roehampton University
  14. London Metropolitan
  15. London: The Institute of Education
  16. Manchester: University of Manchester
  17. Manchester: Manchester Metropolitan University
  18. Newcastle
  19. Nottingham
  20. Nottingham Trent
  21. Ormskirk: Edgehill
  22. Oxford Brookes
  23. Sheffield Hallam
  24. Southampton
  25. Sussex
  26. Warwick
  27. Wolverhampton

The 1994 list included some of the above, but also included the following (who we didn't hear from in 2006):

  1. Oxford
  2. Bretton Hall (now part of Leeds University)



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