(last reviewed and approved in 2015)

 1. Name

The joint committee set up by the British Association for Applied Linguistics and the Linguistics Association of Great Britain shall be called the Committee for Linguistics in Education (hereinafter called the Committee).

2. Purposes

a) To provide a forum for the exchange of information and opinion on matters of mutual interest and concern by representatives of associations and groups involved in linguistics in education.

b) To explore and evaluate ways in which linguistics and applied linguistics might contribute to education.

c) To disseminate and implement the relevant findings so far as available resources permit.

d) By the means outlined in a, b and c above, to represent the professional interests of the two sponsoring organisations.

3. Activities

The Committee shall realise these purposes by such means as may seem appropriate. These might include the organisation of seminars, discussions with teachers, the co-ordination of responses to consultations, the preparation of discussion documents, the distribution of information and the carrying out of minor investigations or research projects. When necessary, in consultation with the two sponsoring associations, the Committee may seek outside funding for specific projects.

The Committee will not, however, publish anything which might be taken to commit its sponsoring associations without their prior approval. Nor shall it organise any public activities without such prior approval.


4. Membership

Each of the sponsoring organisations shall annually nominate four members. The Committee so appointed shall be empowered to invite appropriate associations to appoint representatives for periods of three years (renewable). Up to four individuals may be co-opted for the same period. Nominated members may have their nominations renewed annually. The chairpersons of BAAL and LAGB shall have an ex officio right to attend Committee meetings.

5. Officers of the Committee

A chairperson and secretary shall be appointed annually by the sponsoring organisations. One shall be chosen from each of the sponsoring associations in rotation, and they shall not serve for more than four consecutive years (not renewable). The Committee may appoint such other officers as shall be required, with the same limit of service.

6. Meetings of the Committee

Meetings shall normally be held three times a year, and one shall be the Annual Meeting.

7. Report to Sponsoring Organisations

Representatives of the sponsoring organisations shall make regular reports to their organisations in the form specified by the organisation.

 8. Funding

BAAL and LAGB will commit themselves to paying the attendance expenses of their nominated members and up to four co-opted members, and other funding should be requested as and when necessary by Committee officers.

9. Conduct of Correspondence

The secretary shall normally conduct correspondence in the name of the Committee and shall maintain a file of all the Committee’s correspondence.

10. Committee Papers

Members of the Committee are permitted to make any appropriate use of Committee papers provided that a clear acknowledgement is made of their provenance, and that the secretary is informed, for record purposes, of any such use. The secretary shall report all such uses to each meeting of the Committee. All Committee papers shall be dated.

11. Change of Terms of Reference

These terms of reference may be changed only by joint agreement of the committees of the two sponsoring bodies.

12. Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the Committee by the withdrawal of one sponsoring body or from any other cause its assets shall be divided equally between the two sponsoring associations.

(1980; revised 1984; reviewed without revision 1991, October 2000, 2001)



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