Responses to Curriculum and Assessment issues

This page contains public statements by CLiE on curriculum and assessment matters.

  • 2014.5: Should schools only study literary texts? A view from linguistics.
    • Press release available here.
    • Full statement available here.
  • 2014.3.21: Letter sent to the Guardian (but not published) about motivation for language learning: Available here.
  • 2013.12.6: Letter sent to the Guardian (but not published) about primary foreign languages: Available here.
  • 2012: What professional development makes the most difference to teachers? Report by Catherine Walter & Jessica Briggs (2012), University of Oxford. Commissioned by OUP. Available here.
  • BAAL’s ethical guidelines for good practice in applied linguistics: full version or students’ version
  • Article by Ellis & Moss (2013) on policy surrounding Phonics. Available here.

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