Officers of CLIE

(L = LAGB, B = BAAL)

starting year /meeting #





Graeme Trousdale (L)

[2010/#96] Esther Daborn (B)

Catherine Walter (B)

2006/#84 Catherine Walter (B) Graeme Trousdale (L)
2003/#75 Dick Hudson (L) [2005/#80] Catherine Walter (B)

Jill Bourne (B)

2000/#66 Ros Ivanič (B) [2001/#69] Sue Barry (L)

Ewa Jaworska (L)

?1996/#54 #54-57 Nicola Woods (L) Ros Ivanič (B)
?1993/#44 #44-48 Lynne Cameron (B) Larry Trask (L)

Alison Littlefair (UKRA, minutes sec)

1991 Connie Cullen (L) ? (B)
1988/#28 #28 Jill Bourne (B)[1] Colin Biggs (L)
?1985/#19 #21.23, 24 Mike Stubbs (L) Tom Bloor (B)

Vee Harris (Minutes secretary[2])

?1981/#10 #16,18 Mike Riddle 1983 Connie Cullen

Bill Littlewood

Language[3] Steering Committee. Nov 1978/#1-#4 #1-4 Mike Riddle John Rudd

[1] The automatic alternation of roles between LAGB and BAAL was instituted in meeting #26, to start in #28. This transition is a solid fixed point in the chronology.

[2]  The role of Secretary was separated at some point from that of Minutes secretary, who seems to have been a volunteer from any organisation.

[3] CLIE started life (and its numbering) as the Language Steering Group, sponsored by LAGB and BAAL as a result of a seminar on ‘Linguistics and language teaching in schools’ held at the North Worcestershire College in Bromsgrove 8-10 July 1978. Since Nov 1978 it seems to have met three times every year. The first terms of reference for CLIE are dated 1980, so this is presumably when the name changed.



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