Grammar books for school English

The following list aims to include all the publicly available material for teaching about grammar in English lessons, whether recently published books or currently available websites. It was compiled in June 2021 by Marcello Giovanelli, with a few additions by others.

Key: S = Secondary, P = Primary, 6 = Sixth form. Authors with * have a professional qualification in grammar.


  • *Aarts, B., *Cushing, I., and *Hudson, R. (2018) How To Teach Grammar. OUP S
  • *Barton, G. (1999) Grammar in Context. OUP S
  • *Barton, G. (2001) Active Grammar. OUP S
  • *Barton, Geoff, and Jo Shackleton. (2019) Grammar Survival for Secondary Teachers. A Practical Toolkit. 3rd Edition. Routledge. S
  • Bearne, E., Kennedy, R. and Reedy, D, (2016) Teaching Grammar Effectively at Key Stage 1. UKLA. P
  • Burrows, Peter. 2014. A Creative Approach to Teaching Grammar. Bloomsbury. P
  • *Cameron, D. (2007) The Teacher’s Guide to Grammar. OUP. P/S
  • *Carter, R.  (ed.) (1990) Knowledge about Language and the Curriculum: The LINC Reader. Hodder and Stoughton. S
  • *Carter, R. and Cornbleet, S. (2001) The Language of Speech and Writing, London: Routledge. S/6
  • *Carter, R., Goddard, A., Reah, D., Sanger, K. and Bowring, M. (2007) (3rd edition) Working with Texts: A Core Book for Language Analysis. Routledge. S/6
  • Corbett, Pie, and Julia Strong. 2016. Jumpstart! Grammar. Games and Activities for Ages 6-14. Second Edition. London: Routledge. P/S
  • *Cottee, Lyn. 2010. Grammar for Life. Melbourne: The Learning Centre Press. P
  • *Crystal, David. 1991. Language A to Z,  Books 1 and 2 and Teacher’s Book. London: Longman. S
  • *Crystal, D. (2004) Making Sense of Grammar. Longman. P/S
  • *Cushing, I. (2018) Text Analysis and Representation. CUP. 6
  • *Giovanelli, M. and Mason, J. (2018) The Language of Literature: An Introduction to Stylistics. CUP. 6
  • *Giovanelli, M., Ives, G., Keen, J., Rana, R., and Rudman, R. (2015) AQA AS/A level English Language. CUP. 6
  • Horton, Suzanne, and Branwen Bingle. 2014. Lessons in Teaching Grammar in Primary Schools. Sage. P
  • *Hudson, R. (1991) Teaching Grammar: A Guide for the National Curriculum. Wiley-Blackwell
  • Illingworth, Martin, and Nick Hall. 2015. Creative Approaches to Teaching Grammar (National Association for the Teaching of English NATE). London: Routledge. P/S
  • *Locke, T. (ed.) (2010) Beyond the Grammar Wars: A Resource for Teachers and Students on Developing Language Knowledge in the English/Literacy Classroom. Routledge. S
  • Lury, J. (2016) Understanding and Teaching Grammar in the Primary Classroom. Routledge. P
  • Makhlouf, C. (2019) Getting to Grips With English Grammar. Brilliant Publications (also available for Years 1-5)
  • Mullany, L. and Stockwell, P. (2010) Introducing English Language. Routledge. 6
  • Myhill, D., Jones, H., Watson, A., and Lines, H. (2016) Essential Primary Grammar. Open University Press. P
  • North, S. (2020) Grammatix: Grammar in Context. John Catt. S
  • Paramour, Z. and Paramour, T. (2020) The Grammar Book: Understanding and Teaching Primary Grammar. Bloomsbury. P
  • QCA (1998) The Grammar Papers: Perspectives on the Teaching of Grammar in the National Curriculum. S
  • QCA (1999) Not Whether But How : Teaching Grammar in English at Key Stages 3 and 4. S
  • Reedy, D., and Bearne, E. (2013) Teaching Grammar Effectively in Primary Schools, 2nd edition. UKLA. P
  • Roberts, Jenny. 2016. Oxford First Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Dictionary. Oxford: Oxford University Press. P
  • Russell, S. (1993) Grammar, Structure and Style. Oxford University Press. 6
  • Seeley, J. (2012) Grammar for Teachers. Oxpecker. P/S
  • Shackleton, Jo. 2017. Grammar Survival for Primary Teachers. A Practical Toolkit. Routledge. P
  • Shiach, Don. 2012. Grammar to 14 (Revised Edition). Oxford University Press. S
  • Simpson, P. (2014) Stylistics: A Resource Book for Students, 2nd edn. Routledge. 6
  • Thorne, Sara (2008) Mastering English Language. Palgrave. S/6
  • Waugh, D., Warner, C., and Waugh, R. (2019) Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling in Primary Schools, 3rd edition. Sage. P




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