This page is intended to provide a guide for university teachers to language education (broadly interpreted) in our schools. It is currently under construction, but it may eventually include the following sections:

  • General
    • An overview of language education in the UK’s schools.
    • Some statistical trends in England’s language education
    • How much grammar do school leavers know? A ‘grammar audit’ of incoming undergraduates’ knowledge of grammatical metalanguage
    • Information about the Linguistics Olympiads, both national and international
    • IRIS is a free, digital repository for materials used to collect data for research into second languages. IRIS is a large database holding a wide range of types of instruments that have been used to investigate L2 learning and teaching. Materials include language stimuli such as language tests, sound files, pictures, word lists, grammaticality judgements and other stimuli for eliciting language production, comprehension and perception data, working memory tests, as well as materials developed for research into teaching languages, such as questionnaires about the knowledge of trainee teachers, learner motivation, attitudes, and strategies. IRIS is searchable along a range of parameters, such as language being learnt, age of participant, author of research, research topic. It is funded by the British Academy and the ESRC, and supported by a wide international network of journal editors and research and teaching associations
  • Basic literacy
  • (Secondary) English
  • Advanced-level English language
  • Foreign languages


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