A-level in Linguistics

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A working group of the Subject Centre in Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies


Some key documents

  • The background to the project and the agreed overall structure of the proposed A-level course.
  • Descriptions of the four modules.
  • An article about the proposed course written for English teachers.

Pilot units

Unpiloted draft units


  • Unit 1. Phonology: sounds and letters
    • powerpoint presentation of this unit (by Graeme Trousdale) for use with a group of gifted and talented students.


Some relevant links

The educational context

A-level‘ means ‘Advanced Level’. Typically, more academic students in England and Wales spend their last two years at school, before university, taking three A-level courses. (Some take one or even two more, some take fewer.) Consequently our proposed course would occupy about a third of the teaching over two years.


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