CLIE Members: Institutions and their Representatives


ALA Association for Language Awareness |news Wasyl Cajkler (University of Leicester)
ALL Association for Language Learning |news Karine Harrington
BAAL British Association for Applied Linguisticsnews
Tess Fitzpatrick (Chair of BAAL; Lancaster)
Catharine Wallace (UCL IoE)
Louise Courtney (University of Reading)
Emma Marsden (York) Secretary email
Gee Macrory (Manchester Metropolitan)
BC British Council | news Vicky Gough
BL British Library | news
DfE Department for Education | news tbc
EA English Association | news Ian Brinton (Dulwich College)
ISMLA Independent Schools’ Modern Languages Association | news Nick Mair (Chairman)
LAGB  Linguistics Association of Great Britain | news
David Adger (President of LAGB; Queen Mary Westfield)
Graeme Trousdale (Edinburgh)
Willem Hollmann (Lancaster ) Chair
Dick Hudson (University College London)
Jeanette Sakel (University of the West of England)
NALDIC  National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum | news
Vicky Murphy (University of Oxford)
NATE National Association for the Teaching of English | news
Marcello Giovanelli (Nottingham), Paul Clayton (Director of NATE)
NATECLA National Association for the Teaching of English and Community Languages to Adults | news Pamela Frame
UKLA United Kingdom Literacy Association  | news Sue Ellis (University of Strathclyde)
Co-opted members Catherine Walter (Oxford University)
Neil Sheldon (Royal Statistical Society, VP for Education and Statistical Literacy)
Terry Lamb (University of Sheffield)


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