Language analysis in schools

CliE is very keen to promote ‘language analysis’, meaning the analytical study of all areas of language structure:

  • grammar (syntax and morphology), phonology, phonetics, spelling, vocabulary, semantics
  • single-system synchrony or contemporary variation or historical change
  • in English alone or in other languages or in comparison between languages.

CLiE has already taken some steps in this campaign:

The next step in this campaign is a meeting at 6.00-7.30 (followed by drinks) on Tuesday Feb 27th 2018  hosted by the British Academy to

  • celebrate a very good year for UKLO, which shows not only that school children enjoy the challenge of language analysis but that the UK is potentially very good at it. The event will include a short talk by the 2017 world champion, Sam Ahmed and a view of the trophy for the world’s best team.
  • hear David Crystal‘s thoughts about language analysis.
  • collect ideas from the audience about possible ways forward.

Entry is by invitation only, so if you want to come please tell the organiser, Dick Hudson.





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